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Web Hosting & Domain Registration Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

The following files are provided in PDF format:

Web Hosting Terms of Service (updated June 2007)

Web Hosting Acceptable Use Policy (updated June 2007)

Domain Registration/Renewal Service Agreement (Network Solutions Service Agreement)

Web Hosting:

  • TOS and AUP are subject to change without notice.
  • It is the hosting client's responsibility to regularly review the TOS and AUP.
  • Use of hosting services constitutes agreement with the Terms!

Domain Registration/Renewal:

  • Stover Data Systems is an SRSPlus Partner, providing domain registration services through Network Solutions.
  • Agreement with all Network Solutions terms are required for registration.
  • Additionally, Stover Data Systems reserves the right to change listed registrant of unpaid/delinquent domain registrations and renewals to Stover Data Systems. Registrant will be restored upon receipt of all past due amounts owed for each domain. Hosting services may be suspended if domain registration/renewal is not received by the due date indicated on the Invoice provided.
  • Registrant is responsible for ensuring updated contact information is shared with Stover Data Systems for billing and registration purposes.


*SRSPlus is a registered trademark of Network Solutions.

About Us

Stover Data Systems is proud to provide clients with real solutions for their businesses at affordable rates.  Because business today is dynamic, recommendations will always reflect the future position and goals of your company.  ...and consultation is always free!

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